muted soaring moments when the ceaseless

thought line does cease and our nerves

turn white green  possibility of transcending,

filaments right in our grasp

and when it passes, disappointed or relieved or inspired?

Originality, vulgar plain originality  the new combination of

obscenities and body functions


transcendence, the final few minuets of the 9th

symphony when it feels that sound alone can

destroy a soul and bring it back anew

and pure


ecstasy, the climax when orgasm approaches and the tides

the oceans roll sweetly or salty drowning the and quietly

anxious prosaic foolishness


the joy of hate, of hurting someone different from you, why

does it feel so good to kick them in the face, to share the moment

with a cruel crowd united in violence?  Magnificent unity of the human



to laugh at the man slipping on a banana peel who dislocates

his knee and it sticks up through his skin, in his

comically twisted face help.  Oh mercy me!  chuckling


the symbols of Nazi, so cool, a fashion statement not a personal

one – the beauty of instrument of torture classic lines and

shiny functional, but imaginative functionality.


Forget originality – try for hope and optimism

dis-affected bitterness is cool, sexy

but if you try and find the gate, the little trapdoor to your

soul, I doubt sarcasm alone will open it


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