More than can ever meet the eye. Make the eye meet itself, and maybe the fertile soil will finally become green with envy or classics. That in itself might make all of us more and more interwoven, but some of us (like me) reject the interwoven bits because we are too ugly or oversensitive or maybe it is the same thing.

In a bit of navelgazing, I was reminded of the crucial exponents: we are all given to sowing land, tilling soil, plowing or being plowed. In stretch of metaphor, we could apply that sensual nature to anything, but that might end up being kind of cheap. Look how the middle schoolers do it.

But if the energy for budding continues, the reaping and fertilizing, perhaps we can come to a selective tending of ours and others plots, and this avoid the undesirability of interwoven that causes people like us so much trouble. Just a thought.


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